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The GSL International Philippines President/CEO

Dr. Andrew S. H. Kim

GSL (GSL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) in 2003 as a company highly specialized in manufacturing the functional food, and since then GSL has developed a diverse range of products to enhance your health.

Excessive stress and irregular lifestyle in modern era are threatening our life in various forms. The westernized dietary life as well as instant and processed food are accumulating harmful toxics in our body.

GSL finds the ingredients needed to maintain and improve human health condition, systematically classifies and develops them into highly efficient ingredients. By doing this, the company has successfully developed and launched a wide range of micro-organics and enzymatic products that are highly effective in breaking down the toxicities accumulated in the body and ultimately emerged as the manufacturer specialized in functional health products.

GSL are committed to making its utmost efforts to develop and disseminate highly safe and efficient new drugs and functional health products in returns for your supports you have been shown to us.

Clinic Experiences

  • 1989~ 2000

    Found and Manage “Kim Seung ho” Oriental Medicine Clinic” in Jeonju, Korea

  • 2001~ 2006

    Found and Manage “Kim Seung ho Oriental Medicine Clinic” in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 2006

    Co-Founder and Chief Medical Director of “QoL Oriental Medical Center” (Quality of Life) Seoul, Korea

  • 2008

    Consultant Doctor for ”Research project of Vital Food, Ceragem-Roxas”, Seoul, Korea

  • 2009

    Found and Manage “new life health & wellness center” in Makati, Philippine

Education and Profession

  • Graduated School of Oriental Medicine, ‘Won Kwang’ University, 1989 in Korea
  • Subsequently passed National Professional Board Exam on Oriental Medicine field
  • Master course of Oriental Medicine, ‘Won Kwang’ University, 1993 in Korea
  • PhD of Oriental Medicine, ‘Won Kwang’ University, 1999 in Korea
  • Various Medical Society Seminars, Conferences, Lectures and Missions participated and/or attended
  • Visiting Professor, Oriental Medicine, Dong shin University, Naju Korea
  • Lecturer, Professor, Oriental and Alternative Medicine, Korea University, Seoul

Society Activities

  • Central Representative, KOMA (Korea Oriental Medicine Association)
  • Vice President, KCA (Korea Chiropractic Association)
  • Research Doctor for Advanced Design of Chiropractic Devices and Machine for, “Williams Manufacturing Ltd.” (A largest manufacturer of it’s kind in U.S.A.)
  • Founder member, KOM Service Team Abroad (Korea Oriental Medicine Service Team Abroad) Out Reach medical service to remote area of China, Indonesia, Mongol, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, etc
  • Founder and Chairman, Young Oriental Medicine Doctors Foundation, Korea
  • Professional Member, INMA( International Natural Medicine Association), Hongkong
  • Professional Member of Oriental Medicine Sector for BMSI (Body, Mind and Spirit Integration), Korea
  • Regular Member, Korea EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Regular Member, Medicinal Acupuncture Academy, Seoul, Korea
  • Regular Member, Council of biofield scientists, India
  • Chairman, Energy for Life Academy, Seoul
  • Team Doctor, “Superstars” soccer team, Seoul
  • Program Doctor, “365 days of Health” in KBS (Korea Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Regular Member of PCAM in philippines
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