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19 Dec 2016
GSL International

GSL is now expanding its business area covering not only the medical drugs, but also the healthy functional food, health food and cosmetics based on its technologies and know-hows accumulated so far. In addition, GSL has been actively pioneering the global market based on its success achieved in the domestic market. As a result, GSL has built partnership with the advanced countries (the U.S., Japan, etc.) and those developing countries having the potential to grow further. GSL will grow into a global company through continued investment on its research and development and nurturing highly capable personnel.

1 Nov 2016

GSL Pharm pursued the Value of Humanism (focusing on people) , Value of Sharing (with members of organization), Value of Right Way (doing business with honesty and sincerity), and Value of Happiness (making society happy and healthy). With the dream of taking responsibility of people around the world, always focused on better products, rational sales method for customers, and support & welfare of businessman. Our company will bring customers` satisfactory and pleasure with product upgrade and new product release by focusing on customers and analyzing market trend.