Good Day 365
  • Contains a balance of dietary fiber, including Chajeonjapi (psyllium seed husk), inulin (a type of polysaccharide contained in Jerusalem artichoke), and Salicornia.
  • Contains soluble and insoluble dietary fiber to provide a balance of effects from both kinds.

  • Provides balanced nutrition as bran (rice bran + germ) is fermented with useful microorganisms to ensure that the nutritious element of brown rice is used in the body.
  • Germinated brown rice provides optimal nutrition as is ensures that the nutritious element of brown rice is properly digested and absorbed by the body.

Promotes bowel movements

The dietary fiber contained in Chajeonjapi, inulin, salicornia, kelp powder, etc. promotes healthy bowel movement.

Lowers blood cholesterol

When consuming before a meal, absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine is restricted, and the synthesis of cholesterol is controlled, helping to lower cholesterol levels. In addition, HDL and LDL are controlled which also helps lower blood cholesterol levels.

Controls post-meal blood sugar levels

Helps to regulate blood sugar levels which tend to spike after meals, and helps glucose to flow into the cells to be used by the body.

Promotes absorption of nutrition through increased useful microorganisms in the intestines

Contains useful microorganisms which control levels of bad bacteria in the intestines, and improves the immune system as absorption of nutrients and vitamins is increased.